Hereditary Prince of Liechtenstein Alois visited Prague to greet the establishment of Czech-Liechtenstein society

Hereditary Prince of Liechtenstein Alois visited Prague to greet the establishment of Czech-Liechtenstein society

Prague, 12.4.2018 – The newly established Czech-Liechtenstein society started its activity with a ceremonial evening held in Lobkowicz Palace at Prague Castle on Wednesday. Hereditary Prince of Liechtenstein Alois and Lichtenstein Ambassador in Austria and the Czech Republic Maria-Pia Kothbauer hosted the event.

Prince Alois, who has been exercising the powers of the ruling prince of Liechtenstein since 2004, gave a speech during the ceremonial reception with more than 130 guests in which he emphasized the historical ties of his family with the Czech lands. The first Liechtenstein settled in Mikulov after the invitation from Přemysl Otakar II more than 700 years ago. Prince Alois, whose oldest son was named Václav, also expressed his hope that both countries – Liechtenstein and the Czech Republic – will manage to overcome the unsolved problems that were caused by the consequences of the post-war development in Czechoslovakia and especially by the confiscation of the family property. “It is great that the Czech-Liechtenstein Society was created on basis of an initiative coming from the bottom up because this kind of energy may successfully develop cultural and social relations caring about the common historic heritage,” Prince Alois said.

Czech-Liechtenstein Society was formally established on 1 February of this year and its existence aims to develop the mutual relations and support all the activities that connect both countries. The programme of the society consists not only of social meetings but also educational lectures, conferences, exhibitions or sightseeing tours. The chairman of Czech-Lichtenstein Society is Richard Svoboda, who is currently the castellan of Valtice chateau, the Vice-Chairman is the lawyer Jiří Balaštík and members are academic Jana Tepperová from School of Economics, the entrepreneur in spa sector Martin Plachý and the founder of the Historical Association Liechtenstein Pavel Juřík. Former minister of culture Daniel Herman and ambassador Maria-Pia Kothbauer accepted the roles of the honorary chairman and chairwoman.   

“There are areas in the Czech Republic that are so related to the care of the family of Liechtenstein that is actually imprecise to speak about the relations between the Liechtenstein and this country. The relations can be contributed to foreign entities while they are at home here. On the other hand, we do not know a lot about Liechtenstein as a state in Czech Republic to our detriment. We would like to change that,” the chairman of the association Richard Svoboda said.

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