Letter from the chairman

Dear members of Czech-Liechtenstein Society,

on the weekend of October 12 - 14, 2018, our planned events in Valtice and Wilfersdorf took place. A total of 15 members and 20 guests attended. The whole event was wonderfully organized by Richard Svoboda, the Vice-Chairman of the association, to whom we are very grateful.

Together we visited the closing gala concert of the Lednice-Valtice Music Festival, an important cultural event that duly follows the spiritual legacy of the Liechtenstein family in our countries. We listened to beautiful George Friedrich Handel music, performed in the Riding-Hall of the Valtice Castle by the Barroco sempre giovane chamber ensemble and excellent singers Simona Šaturová and Petr Nekoranec. The founder, dramaturge, and director of the Lednice-Valtice Music Festival is a member of our association, Jiří Partyka. He deserves great recognition and our thanks for this wonderful experience.

During the concert and the subsequent banquet, we had the opportunity to meet some members of the Austrian-Liechtenstein Society, including its Chairwoman Elisabeth Kolm, as well as several prominent personalities such as Prince Wolfgang of Liechtenstein, Czech Ambassador in Vienna Ivana Červenková, and Mayor of Valtice Pavel Trojan.

The following day we embarked on a private tour of the Valtice Castle, during which Richard Svoboda, who acts as its castellan, shared a lot of interesting information.

An autumn weekend in a wine region cannot go without wine tasting. At the invitation of our members, husband and wife František Fabičovic and Radka Prokopová, we visited their modern, one-year old winery, Obelisk. In Wilfersdorf, Austria, we tasted Lichtenstein wine, discovered the Liechtenstein cellars, and had a look at the family Wilfersdorf Castle.

Towards the end, I would like to emphasize that the event undoubtedly contributed to the establishment of mutual friendly relations among the association´s members, as well as deeper knowledge about Liechtenstein and the Lichtenstein family, including their activities in Moravia and their contribution to the Lednice-Valtice area.

I would like to thank all the members of the association who participated in this event, especially Zuzana Holendová, for the wonderful book “Values ​​Worth Sharing” about the princely family, Liechtenstein, and LGT, which all attending members received.

I look forward to our next meeting and send my greetings,

Jiří Balaštík
Chairman of the Czech-Liechtenstein Society

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