Letter by Chairman on the visit in Vienna

Dear members, 

I would like to report about a very nice event which the association organized in Vienna on 12 and 13 May and which was attended by 19 members of the Association and 11 guests. Despite the adverse weather, we managed to fully enjoy the whole programme.

On Sunday, 12 May, we made a tour of the ancient Liechtenstein castle. In the castle’s tower with a beautiful view of the surroundings, Hans Jorg Damm, a member of the Association from Wilfersdorf, surprised us with a glass of wine for which I would like to thank him once again.

In the evening, we gathered in the Lugeck restaurant booked for us by Tomas Lampl, for which I am very grateful to him, and enjoyed local dishes and Austrian wine.

On Monday, 13 May, in the morning, we attended a guided tour of the beautifully renovated Liechtenstein Municipal Palace which really enthralled us.

Our programme was concluded in the Albertina museum where we were first hosted by Mrs.Ambassador Maria Pia Kothbauer, the honorary chairwoman of our Association, to whom I once more express my thanks for her hospitality and nice words. Then we continued with a tour of splendid artworks from the Liechtenstein art collections displayed on the occasion of the 300th anniversary of Liechtenstein.

I am convinced that the event was well enjoyed by all participants and that we will return to Vienna next year again.

Best regards,

Jiří Balaštík,
Chairman of the Association

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